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Palm to Make a Big Comeback in 2018!


With the rise of Apple, Google and Samsung back in 2007 and 2008, many smartphone brands lost their market share, even the OS they’re running.

But things has changed. BlackBerry managed to revive themselves, dropping their own OS and adopted to Android. Nokia also made a big comeback this year after Microsoft sold its smartphone business (formerly owned by Nokia) to HMD Global which got the license to make and market Nokia branded smartphones. They’ve adopted Android too after dropping Symbian OS in 2012 and Windows Mobile in 2016.

In 2018, another legendary smartphone brand will make a big comeback and that’s PALM.


Palm is a maker of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) back in the old days. Since there are no smartphones in the early 2000s. PDAs are used to store meetings and events on the calendar plus other information such as contacts, email addresses, etc.

Palm Pre smartphone back in 2009

Over the years, PDAs have turned into smartphones as they support SIM cards and 3G or 4G connectivity. In 2010,HP acquired Palm and turned into their smartphone brand.

In 2015, TCL acquired Palm’s intellectual property from HP and now the company announced Palm’s comeback in 2018.

TCL is the company behind the resurrection of BlackBerry and also they make Alcatel-branded smartphones.