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Epson Offers Low Maintainance, High-Speed Printer


International printer manufscturer Epson marked a milestone as it introduced yet another first for the trusted brand, the high speed printer line, the WorkForce Enterprise series.

In a bid to cater to consumers with larger printing demands, Epson adopted a revolutionary technology to offer commercial or office-grade printing speeds matched with durability.

(L-R) Jester Cruz, Product Management Department Head, Epson Philippines; Roy Catana, Pre-Sales Engineer, Epson Philippines; Ed Bonoan, Senior General Manager for Marketing Division, Epson Philippines; Cris Sanchez, Sales Division Head, Epson Philippines.

Epson’s pioneering PrecisionCore linehead technology, is an innovation that is measuring 43mm wide and containing approximately 33,500 nozzles, consists of a fixed print head that prints at ultra-fast speeds of 100ipm for both simplex and duplex. Without the moving print head, banding is now greatly minimized, and prints are high quality and laser sharp.

This new printing mechanism consists of an electrostatic transport belt in the print pass that ensures the paper is completely flat for stable paper feeding, ensuring the smoothest of gradients and consistently sharp images while delivering at ultra-fast speeds. Thanks to its stable print feeding and smart design, the printer is able to print on a wide range of paper types of up to 350gsm, including paper of irregular sizes.

The revolutionary WorkForce Enterprise series drives productivity and drastic energy savings of up to 75% less power consumption when copying compared to an average laser printer, resulting in lower electricity costs and higher efficient operation.

Since there is no heat involved in the printing process with the PrecisionCore Thin Film Piezo technology, printing at 100ppm uses 1.2kWh, which is less than half of a competitive laser MFP. Without use of heat, there is also minimal warm up time with fast first page out printing compared to laser printers.

To top the features off, the printer series employs ultra-high capacity ink cartridges yield up to 100,000 pages in black and 50,000 pages in colour each, enabling uninterrupted downtime and a lower total cost of ownership and greater cost savings. With the high yields and high volumetric efficiency, there is reduced frequency of consumables exchange compared to toner replacements of a laser printer.

The high capacity paper feed unit with option for up to 5,350 sheets for input and paper output capabilities of up to 4,000 with the sheet finisher unit support high volume printing.

The WorkForce Enterprise continues to deliver high quality prints at its high speeds. Its self-maintaining printhead monitors nozzle health and automatically detects and adjusts print head performance, eliminating the issue of clogged ink nozzles.

The printer’s DURAbrite Pro inks deliver professional high quality prints and are fade-resistant, water-resistant and fast-drying for high speed printing.

Because it can print larger volumes and having less moving parts compared to traditional printers the WorkForce Enterprise lowers total cost of ownership because there is less time needed for maintenance.

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