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Chinese Digital Solutions Firm Huion Enters PHL Market


Chinese tech solutions and digital interface devloper Huion joins the “promising” Philippine market through strategic partneships with educational institutions. Huion inked a partnership with the Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) and Fatima University today.

Looking to earn 50 market share in the next couple of years,  Huion is planting itself firmly on the ground by securing partnerships with a steady market in schools and educational institutions.Through its partnerships with PSITE and University of Fatima the Chinese brand looks to make its digital products known to the Philippine market.

Huion is bringing its Inspiroy H640, H950 which has 5″ and 9″ screen sizes,  respectively. These are the brand’s entry level tablets which has stylus pressure level of 8000 psi. The flagship tablets GT191 and GT221 Pro, both artist grade, also joins rhe fleet of Huion products that will be availble on retail in the country in August.

Huion has a wide array of digital prodcts including point of sales (POS),  interactive displays, digital signages,  robots,  vertical advertising. The Chinese tech company is confident it can successfully position itself in the Philippines and eventually supply digital solutions to banks and medical instutions.