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OTJ director Erik Matti Joins HOOQ Filmmakers Guild Panel


Erik Matti, the director behind 2013 neo-noir crime thriller OTJ is given a seat as a panelist at the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild. Online video entertainment platform HOOQ established Filmmakers Guild to encourage film students and film professionals to pitch in ideas that could be adopted into a full production show.

Matti is the newest panel judge introduced. He, together with Indonesian filmmakers Mouly Surya and Nicholas Saputra, will select five winning entries that will be produced into a full-season series ob HOOQ.

Film Director Erik Matti being interviewed by the media

The contest is open to Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia. Scipt and screenplay entries by film students and exprienced film professiobanals must be a mini or a full series with maximum of 13 episodes.

There are no restrictions as far as genre is concerned but entries must strictly be in the filmmaker’s native language.

The five winning entries will be granted $30,000USD funding for their series’ production. HOOQ Filmmakers Guild will be accpeting entries until Aug 15.received_10155014995054690