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EverWing is Invading Facebook Group Chats


Have you ever experienced receiving so many chat notifications? Then when you view them, its just your friends playing the EverWing game on your group chat…

Well, you’re not alone. This drag and shoot game is not different from other games available on the app store. But because they have integrated it on the Messenger app, which has a lot of users, people are getting into it.


Everwing is a shooter-RPG built with HTML5 and web technologies, available through Instant Games, mobile/web, on Facebook and Messenger. Released in November of 2016 on Instant Games for Facebook and Messenger, EverWing was very well received, named one of Facebook’s 2016 Instant Games of the Year. The game is built with HTML5 technology using the Game Closure devkit, and can be played instantly on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers through Facebook or Messenger, without ever visiting an app store.

You control your fairy at the bottom of the screen with one finger, and you’re trying to kill different kinds of monsters going down your screen while avoiding them to hit you.

The goal of the game is to collect coins, gems and other power boosters. These will be added together to give you score at the end of the run. The number of monsters you kill doesn’t really matter because the key of getting the best scores is grabbing all the coins and other collectible items that dead monsters drop.

The coins you collect can be spent on upgrading your character, buying new dragon, and unlocking new characters with different skills.

The game itself is very easy to access. In fact, there are many ways to play it.

  1. Open your Messenger, then just search for “EverWing”
  2. Or you can also play with your friend. Just open a chat with your friend, then just click the (+) icon, then just look for EverWing inside the Games section.
  3. Or play with your friends on a group chat. *The process is the same with number two.

At first, it looks so easy to play, but after few minutes, the game starts to turn IMBA (DOTA term)! Plus, because the character is on the bottom corner and its only controlled by dragging left-right, I always end up touching my navigation buttons which then results for the game to exit. It will really push you to try and try and try until you reached the highest points among your friends.

So how about you, what’s the highest score you got so far? Share it with us in the comment section below.