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JBL Introduces Portable PA System


Audio electronics comoaby JBL unveiled its new PA system on its professional line, EON One.

JBL introduces EON One to the members of the media at the Sound Gallery, BHS

EON One is a PA system pegged to provide superb sound requirements to outdoor performances and even boardrooms for meetings and conferences.

JBL designed the new PA system in a manner that makes it easy to pack and carry around according to the makers. The all-in-one design makes it a good option for troubadours and musical artists. At the same time it is also good for office use.

According to JBL EON One is effortless to set uo and transport.

The flagpole-like PA system is is easy to detach. The speakers which looks like a pole can easily fit into the subwoofer that is like a box.

EON One has a built-in 6-channel mixer with Bluetooth audio.

JBL formally introduced EON One at the JBL Sound Gallery at Bonifacio High Street. We will update this once we get a hold of the price and date of availability.