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Starmobile Begins Local Assembly of Phones


Star Telecom Alliance Resources Inc (STAR, Inc), the company behind proud Filipino smartphone brand STARMOBILE has started its own assembly plant operations in Calamba, Laguna. Starmobile is the first smartphone brand to make its own products locally making it a big milestone for the local smartphone industry and of the country.

“Since we started five years ago, it has been the company’s goal to contribute to the local economy and provide employment by assembling phones in the Philippines,” said Starmobile COO Michael Chen. “Aside from bringing us a step closer to our dream of building up the Philippines an important player in the global tech scene, this will also benefit our bottom line, as it will result in more cost and time-efficient logistics and shipment around the country. In addition, because we will have parts and an assembly facility locally, we expect this to improve our after-sales support for our customers.”

The facility has started the assembly of 20,000 units of Starmobile UNO B208 feature phones. While smartphones are more popular than ever in the Philippines, the demand for basic call-and-text feature phones still thrives in the country. Their affordability allows them to be great daily drivers for a large segment of the population, while their focused call-and-text services and compact screens allow them to be very power efficient.

We truly hope that Starmobile can someday make their own smartphones on this facility as well. We congratulate Starmobile for this momentous event! 🙂