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Power Mac Center Brings British Innovator of Headphone Design Wraps to PH


It probably happened to you one too many times you fumble inside your bag or pocket for your earphones, only to find it in a tangled mess! Apart from the hassle of having to unravel before you can actually use it, the pulling involved also risks damage to one or both speakers. British accessories innovator Wraps understands this and teamed up with Power Mac Center to deliver its simple yet ingenious solution to this perennial problem among Filipino music lovers.

Wraps is the creator of patented wristband headphones. It takes functionality and ease to a new level, allowing you to wear your earphones around your wrist ─ or neck, even ─ when not in use. This eliminates the frustration of looking for your headphones and makes bringing them anywhere you go easy, stylish, and tangle-free.

“Power Mac Center stands at the forefront of technology that bridges function and form. Our commitment lies in providing the Filipino market products that not only enhance the Apple experience but also keep up with the times, both in appearance and purpose. Multifunctional fashion is here to stay and we’re proud to carry brands that support it,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Wraps was created from the idea that young people today value fashion and style as much as they do good quality sound. It’s all about making a statement and expressing oneself and one’s individuality.

“Filipinos are innate music lovers and these days, wearing headphones is more than just about listening to your favorite tunes. For young people especially, how you look while listening to music spells the difference when choosing a brand of earphones. It’s safe to say that audio accessories nowadays are equal parts listening device and fashion accessory and Wraps headphones tick both boxes,” said Dianne Sta. Catalina of Think Abt Tomorrow Inc., exclusive distributor of Wraps in the Philippines.

Because it is meant to be worn as a bracelet, Wraps features a variety of colors and styles that match the personal aesthetic and finicky taste of the young generation. Its British designers have blended the finest materials and colors to craft a fashion statement headphone that can stylize any outfit and coordinate any look. The unique, patented clasp system keeps the lightweight alloy heads, slider, and jack plug all connected together for a secure fit on the wrist or neck. Meanwhile, world-renowned British Audio’s sound engineers ensure that the headphones are tuned to deliver exceptional sound quality.

Available in four designs utilizing braided leather and natural beads, each pair guarantees to solve all three inherent problems all headphones have ─ storage, tangles, and style. Indeed, Wraps joins the elite roster of tech accessories given the stamp of approval of the Philippine Fashion Week mavens to walk its runways.

Wraps products adorned fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador’s Holiday 2017 collection “XX Philippines.” Featuring traveler staples like jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and printed shirts in fluid fabrics and loose silhouettes, the ensemble aims to promote our cities and provinces with great pride and honor.

A household name at Philippine Fashion Week since 2007, Rogador has a knack for seamlessly merging his signature urban sporty aesthetic with practical functionality and wearability. For Holiday 2017, he demonstrated his artistry with comfortable and easy wash-and-wear pieces, perfectly in sync with the laidback appeal of Wraps headphones.

Whether they are on the wrist as a stylish and comfortable bracelet or in the ears as great sounding headphones, Wraps is a must-have accessory that also finishes off any outfit perfectly. Wraps products are available at Power Mac Center stores