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Sony Discontinues “Premium Standard” Smartphones, No More Xperia X Line


Sony has confirmed the discontinuation of what they call “Premium Standard” smartphones. These are the phones with high end price tags but falls a bit short when it comes to flagship specs. We are talking about the Xperia X line which was first announced in 2016.

Sony Xperia XZ

At Sony’s Investor Relations Day, the company will focus on its flagship Xperia XZ line and the affordable midrange Xperia XA line. The Japanese tech giant intends to recover lost market share for 2017 and focus on the markets in which it can leverage its strengths. These are the markets in home country Japan, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

As for the North American market, Sony still wants to get more market share there. The company wants to offer smartphones “that makes a difference”.

Personally, we are fans of Sony because the company still hold the team in which Ericsson used to own, Truly they make really good smartphones. The move to discontinue the Xperia X line and focus on just midrange and flagships is a great move. We could only wish they stop releasing flagship smartphones every six months.