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U Universal Box 6-in1 Device Hands On Review


Over the weekend, we took a new device for a spin without leaving at home. This a new product from U Technologies called the Universal Box. It is a 6-in-1 device that functions as a TV Box, videoke machine, a PVR (personal video recorder), bluetooth speaker, a multimedia device via USB and FM Radio. Let’s focus on its key functions.


The Universal Box’s main function is a digital TV signal receiver. It receives Digital Terrestrial Signal from free-to-air TV`networks like ABS-CBN, GMA or TV5. We got 11 free-to-air channels upon setting up and all are clear with no issues. Just a reminder, exclusive channels found on rival ABS-CBN TV Plus like Yey, Knowledge Channel, etc are encrypted only on that product.


Our unit did not come with preinstalled songs but you need to buy a USB or microSD card slot with pre-installed songs in order to work. It comes with two microphone jack so it is ready when you need to sing away with friends and family.

Bluetooth Speaker

Since the device has Bluetooth, you can simply connect it your phone and listen to your favorite music. Audio for us is decent though we are not audiophiles. The speaker also works even the device is used as a TV. You can lower the volume in favor for your TV’s audio.


The device is has an AM and FM radio tuner. If you still love listening to news on AM or grooving on your favorite songs on FM, this will be your reliable device.

Video Recorder and USB

You can record your favorite TV shows and store it via USB flash drive. It can also record on HD too. You can also plug in a USB drive with your stored movies or content play it thro hugh the device to your TV.

For P2,999 getting 6 functions in one device is just genius. You can grab one via Mega One store.