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FTA Christmas Giveaway 2 – musICANywhere AD0503 Bluetooth Earphones


MERRY CHIRSTMAS fellow techies! Its time for our second Christmas giveaway! We are raffling off a pair  musICANywhere AD0503 Bluetooth Earphones! Bluetooth earphones are becoming popular lately as Apple has ditched the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 and other phones like the Moto Z has no audio jack as well.

The musICANywhere AD0503 is also perfect for those who listens to music while working out because it has sweat proof. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so bother of having wires wrapped around your body wont be there.

The actual unit is sealed and brand new. So read first the instructions and mechanics.


  1. Read and share our review of the musICANywhere AD0503 (http://bit.ly/musiCANywhereAD0503) and make sure you include the hastags #musICANywhere #FTAGiveaways.
  2. Write a comment on the review article why do you want to own the new a musICANywhere AD0503.
  3. Submit your entries via Rafflecopter by visiting the musICANywhere Facebook page below and then click “I visited” until  December 28 at 12am. Raffle will happen December 28, 2pm


  1.  Contestants must be residing in the Philippines.
  2. The selected winner will be informed via Facebook chat. The winner should respond within 24 hours otherwise, the price will be forfeited. Another contestant will be picked.
  3. Please use your real Facebook accounts. No fake accounts please.


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