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List of Home Broadband Service Alternatives to Globe and PLDT


Probably most of us are Globe or PLDT subscribers for our home broadband services. We’ve heard a lot of complains like slow internet or sometimes, intermittent loss of service. Lastly, if you want better service, you have to pay more. Is it frustrating? There’s no denying that the existing duopoly sucks sometimes.

Little did we know that there are small players out there ready to take the spotlight from the big players. We did a little bit of research and we found these small players with affordable prices. Let’s check them out!



SKY is the leading cable TV service provider in the Philippines though SkyCable. The company has a home broadband service called SkyBroadband. Its broadband subscribers are growing really fast and it is now positioned as the No. 3 in terms of number of subscribers behind Globe and PLDT.

The company has recently launched One SKY which combines all of SKY’s services into one plan. Its most affordable plan 1599 has unlimited 8Mbps internet, 31 SD + 10 HD cable channels, Sky-On-Demand (free) and optional HBO Go for additional P99 a month.

See One SKY plans here



Converge ICT has been around for quite some time now but their operations have been very low key. This year, the company has become aggressive and started marketing their services and parading their state-of-the-art facilities which can compete with big telcos. For starters, their most affordable plan, FiberX 1500 which has a mind-blowing speed of 20Mbps! Oh, that’s unlimited internet too!

See Converge ICT plans here



Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Company was established in 1962 and they currently provide telecommunication services to small/medium businesses, corporate and residential costumers. For the longest time they concentrate on corporate accounts but little did we know that PT&T is now offering home broadband to residential customers. The company guarantees high service-level agreement (SLA) which provides  reliable service and solid customer support.

See PT&T plans here.



A new player on the Philippine telecommunications arena, Now Network currently offers cable and internet services to its business customers. They are now starting to roll out its services to residential customers though, sadly, the areas covered are still limited.

See Now Network’s services here



Cablelink’s market share into cable TV business has grown over the years. It is in fact the best cable TV service alternative to SKY. Little we all know that Cablelink is offering a cable broadband internet called i-Blaze. They offer internet only and bundled plans. They are very affordable but the downside is it has limited coverage areas.

See Cablelink’s i-Blaze Cable Broadband services here.

We are surprised to see these offers and it might compel you to switch. But before you switch, get to know these ISPs and ask someone who is already subscribed to their service and how good the service they are getting.  🙂