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Samsung Asking Galaxy Note 7 Owners to Turn Off Their Device


Breaking news. First, Samsung has halted the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 again worldwide due to increasing incidents of exploding replacement devices. Samsung and concerned government agencies are currently working together to find out what is causing the problem.


Second, the company is asking all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners, whether original or replacement, to turn the device off and stop using it. This is another big blow for Samsung. If you are going to ask us if they will resume sale or exchange it with a second replacement Note 7, we don’t think so. We think this is the right thing to do and let’s move on to another device.

We have been monitoring Samsung Philippines website and there no update for those who got their Note 7 from carriers Globe and Smart. We did ask Globe Telecom if we can exchange our Note 7 with another device and they said we can and just go to any Globe stores.


If you are bothered with the news of exploding replacement Note 7, we suggest you do the same that we did. Ask your carrier (Globe or Smart) if you can exchange it with a different device. If you got it from Samsung, you can go to any Samsung Experience Store and ask if you get return it and get a refund.