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Coloud No. 4 Review: Colorful and Fun Audio Experience


Apple made headlines when it removed the headset jack from the new iPhone 7. Worry not fellow techies as the rest of the Android world (except for the Moto Z) still has  headset jack and we think it is not dying anytime soon. So many audio centric companies like Coloud continue to make wired earphones. In fact, they have a new line and it looks so eye candy! We have the Coloud No. 4 wired earphones and we have been playing it for about a week now. Read on with our review.


Coloud No. 4:

  • Driver – 9mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity – 100mV @ 1kHz = 98dB SPL
  • Impedence – 32 ohm
  • Frequency – 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Weight – 17grams
  • Tangle-free system
  • Price – P950
  • Status – Available at Digital Walker


What we like most about Coloud’s design is its just so eye-candy. We love the mix of colors to make it appealing to the eyes. It will stand out while you are wearing it while just simply walking or working out. It will also compliment your overall get up and enjoy more mix matching especially for girls. We have also to mention that the Coloud No. 4 is sweat proof.


The tangle free system really works. The combination of a flat cable and Coloud’s ZoundLasso offers a great solution to easily wrap your earphones and stow it . The plastic and rubber combo helps with the durability of the Coloud No. 4. Based on our old Coloud Pop earphones which is still working after three years, just avoid dropping and hitting it with a solid object and your earbuds will do just fine.



We’ve said it a number of times that we are not audiophiles. For us, it is hard to decipher if Coloud No. 4 has significant improvements over its predecessor, the Coloud Pop in terms of sound quality.  For us it just the same. We have both earphones be tested by our audiophile friend and he said the Coloud No. 4 has slightly richer sound.

The audio quality is not as mind blowing as top-tier headsets from Bose, Marshall, Onkyo or Beats but it is far, far better than those priced P500 and below.



Coloud continues to dominate the mid range headphone/earphone category with the Coloud No. 4 the improvements like the Tangle-Free system and improved audio quality is a big welcome. The main selling point here is the design and its youthful vibe. The Coloud No. 4 is perfect for millenials who needs a durable and fun looking earphones for their daily use. 🙂