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Playground BH220 Bluetooth Earphones Review: Great Sound for A Great Price


Smartphones are not the only ones thet constantly evolves but their accessories as well.  From the traditional music earphones and headphones now comes the age of wireless earphones and headphones. If you like to workout or simply don’t like the hassle of a wire plugged in to your phone, then a Bluetooth earphones is for you. The problem though is the price. The common price range we see on Bluetooth earphones is around P4,000 to P5,000. An ordinary Filipino would find it expensive.


With smartphones slowly ditching the 3.5mm headset jack, the Moto Z and upcoming Apple iPhone 7 does not support one anymore, probably it is time to look for a music centric pair Bluetooth earphones. We circled around SM Cyberzones in North Edsa, Megamall and Mall of Asia and we are pleased to report there are now affordable and stylish Bluetooth earphones if in any case you buy an iPhone 7. Take a look at the Playground BH220!

Playground PH220 specs

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • CSRBC8640 chipset
  • MicroUSB charging port support
  • Up to 10 meters operating range
  • HFP, HSP, A2DP Connect with one Bluetooth device
  • 120 mAh battery
  • 6 to 8 hours talktime
  • 6 to 8 hours music playtime
  • 1 to 2 hours charging time
  • iPhone battery indication
  • CVC echo and noise cancellation
  • P1,690
  • Status: Available at Playground stores and retailers


Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • Playground BH220 unit T
  • Two sets of in-ear plugs with fix wings
  • USB cable
  • Pouch

Let’s have a brief background first about Playground. The brand also makes action cameras, powerbanks, wearanles. flashlights and other products like charging ports. It is also a proud Filipino brand! This is the reason why we are excited to review the Playground BH220.



Overall look is very sporty. The BH220 has metal trim that also serves a magnet so you can stick both earbuds together when you tuck it in the included pouch. The cable is plastic with rubbery feel which looks nice and sporty while the three button controls are very clicky. Connecting the BH220 is also a breeze. If you are an iPhone user, a battery indicator will appear on the phone for you monitor the BH220’s battery.

Battery life is surprisingly good. We were able to get 8 hours of mix use of music playtime, You Tube watching and calls. Charging time took around 1 hour. Oh, by the way, the BH220 is sweat proof which means it is a perfect workout buddy.



We’ve said it a number of times, we are not audiophiles but we know good audio. Sound quality was very impressive. All the details are present while listening to music on Spotify, Crank up the volume though we noticed some distortion but tolerable. Noise cancelling is just ok because if you are listening in a very noisy area, you can still the noise even on louder volumes.



For only P1,690 the Playground BH220 is the best-sounding Bluetooth earphones for this price tag. It is very worthy to compete with expensive brands out there. But what makes really recommend the Playground BH220 is it is proudly Filipino made. 🙂