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Ekotek Ekobuds Lifetones Quick Review: Good Audio For Only P300


We rarely review audio accessories and basically we are not audiophiles as well. But we know good audio when we hear it. Listening to Spotify using our pricey earphones has been a daily routine when we do work. So when Ekotek launched the Ekobuds Lifetones for only P300, the first thing we asked ourselves “Tunog lata kaya yan?“. Good thing, those nice ladies at an Ekotek store in SM Megamall allowed to us to test the said earphone and we are surprised.


Good thing our friends from Ekotek Gadgets seeded us a unit that we can review further so here’s our quick review.

Ekotek Ekobuds Lifetones specs:

Driver Type: Single Moving Coil
Sensitivity: 91± dB
Impendance: 16 Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Cable Length: 120cm
Plug Pin: 3.5mm


It will be unfair to compare the Ekobuds on our current earphones we use. But in terms of build quality, the Ekobuds Lifetones is a solid device. We think it is perfect for outdoor activities like jogging. Just remember that when you get too sweaty you better take the Ekobuds Lifetones off. It is not sweat proof. We are quite impressed with the earphone’s endurance as we we’ve accidentally hit the buds but audio was never affected by any shake ups. It does have a microphone in the middle for your to answer calls when it is plugged in to your phone.

The Ekobuds Lifetones comes in three colors – pink, white and green and our favorite is the white variant. We could only wish that Ekotek could include a case to protect the buds but that might affect the price.


Normally, P300 worth of earphones will get you poor and distorted audio or what we commonly call “tunog lata“. We are surprised that general audio quality is in league with those price around P1,000 like Coloud or Urbanears. It does not have the best audio in the world but it is not bad at all. We used to own Coloud and Urbanears and audio was just ok. Our current eaprhones are made by Onkyo and it one hell of headbanging audio. The audio is like, say, in the middle. Not bad but not great either.



We felt like it lacked a little bit of bass and punch if you want a very specific description of the audio. We have a lot of music of different genres on our Spotify playlists. Love songs, Pop and RNB sound very well however Rock, Alternative Rock and EDM lack the bass we want. We also own an pair of P500 worth earphones and the Ekobuds Lifetones sound better.



We thought that the best compromise to get a good pair of earphones but not spending much is around P1,000 to P1,500. Ekotek has just introduced a good audio device for less than half of what you can buy for your budget. The Ekotek Ekobuds Lifetones is now available in Ekotek stores and select Office Warehouse branches for only P300.