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Google Announced Android N is “Android Nougat”


Google has officially announced the name for the next version of its operating system. It is offically called ANDROID NOUGAT.



Everybody was expecting that the popular peanut butter brand Nutella will be the name of the next Android version so we were caught by surprise with this new development. We are not familiar with Nougat so we did a bit of research. It is a type of confections (popular term: sweets) made of honey and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc). It also orignated in Europe and Middle East.

On techie side, Android Nougat will bring changes from the material design and offer some new features like dual window which is commonly found on Samsung’s Galaxy devices. As usual, Google’s own Nexus and Android One devices will be the first to get the update later this year. We also expect new Nexus devices to be announced in September.