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Apple’s iOS 10 Is Here, And It’s Exciting


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In case you haven’t heard, Apple just announced their latest update to iOS, their proprietary mobile platform – iOS 10. This new version of the mobile OS is part of a slew of updates to all of Apple’s operating systems announced during WWDC 2016 last June 13. We all saw iOS 10 coming, but what we weren’t expecting were the major updates that came with it.

What are new? We list them down for you.

Raise To Wake

iOS 10 brings noticeable visual tweaks, the biggest and most drastic ever since Apple announced the flatter, cleaner iOS 7 three years ago, even compared against the very first iOS version nine years ago. Gone is the signature “Slide To Unlock” and is now replaced by “Press Home To Open”, a move that we think makes sense since most iPhone users prefer using TouchID.

A nifty feature that Apple has added to iOS 10 is Raise To Wake. As the name suggests, the display lights up and shows your latest notifications the moment you pick up your phone and raise it towards you. It’s a feature that will save us from repeatedly pressing on the home or power buttons.

Rich Lockscreen Notifications

Lockscreen notifications are now more actionable than ever. On iPhones that support 3D Touch, you can now press hard on a notification to activate a pop-up screen that lets you act on it without the need to unlock your phone rather than swipe to unlock the phone straight to the app.

This “peek” function on the lockscreen isn’t available just for Apple’s proprietary apps. Uber supports this, but soon enough, after iOS 10’s public release, more and more developers and apps will support this cool, really handy feature.

Clear All Notifications

Currently, iOS 9 lets you clear notifications, but on a per app basis. iOS 10 lets you clear all notifications through a dedicated “Clear All Notifications” button. Just 3D touch on it and clear everything. It saves you a few seconds of tapping, especially if you get a lot of notifications on a lot of your apps.

A Cleaner Control Center

Control Center is still there, and it’s still not customizable, but it’s now more organized, cleaner and bigger. It still features all the usual function shortcuts at the top line, and the same app shortcuts at the bottom. Night Shift is now a special, bigger button just above those app shortcuts. And the music controls? They’re now on a separate page. Just swipe right and you’ll be greeted by a dedicated music panel which has volume, playback and output device controls. It even shows the album art. Nice.

Lockscreen Widgets And Camera Shortcut

Apple has added new, more visually appealing shortcuts to the information that may matter to you. Think Samsung’s Left Page or HTC’s Blinkfeed. It’s all Apple apps, and hopefully will support third-party apps soon, but it’s existence may be a big help especially if you consume a lot of information.

Also, accessing the camera from the lockscreen has been changed. No longer do you need to swipe up from the lower right corner. You can now access it just by swiping right from the lockscreen. It’s a feature that’s long been available on some Android phones, but it’s a welcome change, right?

Improved 3D Touch Shortcuts

Since its introduction, 3D Touch shortcuts have always been deemed to be the ‘right-click’ version of iOS, and aptly so since it shows nothing but text shortcuts. On iOS 10, this has greatly been improved. Doing 3D Touch on the new Activities app shows you a visual summary of your activities plus a list of actions you can do. For third-party apps like Uber, 3D Touching shows you a mini view of your driver’s location plus a few actions.

Improved Siri

Siri can now understand you even when you talk to it in a more ‘normal’ and literal way. For example, you ask Siri to “Send a WeChat to my bestfriend and say I’ll be there in five minutes.”, and Siri would totally understand what you want it to do. This is after Apple’s implementation of what they call an “Intense API” that makes other multiple languages supported.

Siri can now also talk to third-party apps. Pause your workout, send a message through WeChat, make Skype calls. All of this, supported by Siri.

QuickType Keyboard

Apple’s QuickType Keyboard can now sense the context of what you’re typing or of your conversation, in general. Let’s say you mention to a friend via iMessage that you’ve transferred to another spot, the keyboard will suggest that you send your current location. This is thanks to deep learning that studies your word combinations and context. It looks at the whole sentence, and not just the next word, so it can suggest what you can do next.


iOS 10’s “Advanced Computer Vision” allows the Photos app to group together photos based on who’s in it, where it was taken, and what’s in the photo. The update also introduces “Memories”, which groups together photos and videos of a particular location or event, and stitches them altogether in a movie that you can tweak yourself.

Apple Maps

Gone are the days when you can’t scroll ahead of your route. iOS 10 fixes that with a few other tweaks. Maps now adds a Waze-like feature called “Traffic On Route” to better compete with Google Maps. With this feature, you can now see what’s ahead and plan a stop along your route.

Information gathered from other apps are now integrated with Maps. For example, Maps will find out what time you go to work or go home, and suggests a better route for you.

Third party integrations will also be welcomed into Maps. As of now, you can request for a ride, call your driver and pay for you Uber without leaving the Maps app.


Although not a feature that’s widely used here in the Philippines, iOS 10 adds transcription features to Voicemail. Apple has also partnered with Tencent in China to alert you if the incoming call is possibly SPAM.

WhatsApp calls and other VoIP providers are now integrated into the Phone app, which means you can now answer calls from these apps like a normal phone call.


Apple seemed to be particularly excited about the changes it’s bringing into iMessage. Finally, after years and years of trailing behind popular chat apps, Apple decides to make it more exciting.

Emojis are now 3x bigger, and the keyboard can identify words in your message that can be replaced with emojis. All you need to do is type on a word to emojify it.

3D touching on a message allows you to send it “loudly” or “gently”. You can even send it as an invisible message or photo that the recipient has to swipe to uncover or reveal.

You can now also react to individual messages ala Facebook Reactions, and write more personal replies or messages with handwritten digital ink.

Full-screen effects like fireworks are also now available, opening up for crazier ways on emphasizing the messages you send. And it’s about to even be crazier-er, since Apple is opening up iMessage to developers for more tweaks and features.

Best of all, Apple opened iMessage to developers, so expect more exciting features to be available on the app soon.

Apple Music

Apple redesigned the Music app to make it look cleaner, wig bigger, bolder fonts and layouts. Best update to it? Lyrics. Yep. You can now sing along to your favorite songs while listening to them.

Other Stuff

This iOS 10 list of updates isn’t final, most definitely, as what Apple showed is just the developer release. We’re actually excited to for features that Apple hinted like multiple person editing of Notes, dual Safari windows on the iPad, and the ability to edit Live Photos.

We’ll be giving you a full review of iOS 10 once it becomes available this September or October. For now, we wait.