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Coloud Relaunches with Redesigned Headphones


Only a few years after gaining popularity amongst millennials and music-enthusiasts here in the Philippines, Coloud has relaunched itself with four new headphones. All priced below $40 (roughly P1,900 pesos), Coloud’s latest products are aesthetically different from their previous iterations but retain the brand’s strongest features.

First, the model names (Pop, Knock and Boom) have been replaced with numbers – No. 4, 8 and 16, respectively. The Hoop sports-centric variant keeps its name, though. Second, the selection has been aesthetically improved. At least for now, gone are the uber colorful options for all models. The new headphones are dominated in greens, limes, blacks, whites and grays. Coloud has also tweaked the designs of all variants for more comfort, practicality and visual impact. Aside from the solid colored options, the 8 and the 16 both come in a gray color option with paint splashes of yellow, white and black which stands out from the other color options. All models retain the single multi-functional button, mic and the tangle-free cable design and the pliable angle plug that makes storage easier and hassle-free.

No. 4


The No. 4, formerly called the Pop, retains most of the well-loved look of its predecessor. The overall look is almost the same, except for the more angular-looking design of the earphones itself, which are also now magnetic so you can snap the buds together around your neck when you’re not listening to music. The No. 4 is priced at USD$19.95 on the Coloud website.

No. 8


The No. 8 looks nothing at all like the Knock. Gone are the chunky over-ear earpads and the all-plastic headband. It now looks sleeker with a softer but still cool design language. Coloud says it employed 3D ergonomics into the design of the No. 8 for “non-stop comfort”. It’s priced at $29.95.

No. 16


The No. 16 shares the same new design from the No. 8. Like its predecessor, the Boom, it’s designed to look like the bigger brother of the 8 with a thicker headband and bigger earpads. What sets it apart is a much more durable construction plus hinges to fit easier portability. The No. 16 is priced at $39.95.

The Hoop


Probably the youngest in the line, the Hoop is also reintroduced with better sweat-resistance, an Anchorloop which helps for a better fit and a reflective cable for better visibility for night runs. It also has a lightweight clip to hold the cable in place while you run and move around.

Local prices and availablity for these new headphones are still unknown, but if you’re itching to get your hands into any of these, you can order them through the Coloud website. We’re guessing that the price will be similar to the older models. The best thing about it is that all Coloud products still come with 1 year warranty, which we think is one of its strongest reasons to buy. We’re personally excited to try these out. How about you? Let us know in the comments below!