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Instagram Now Supports Multiple Accounts


instagramThis long awaited feature is finally here. Instagram mobile app users both Android and iOS sporting Instagram version 7.15 can now add up to 5 different accounts.

So, no more logging in and out between accounts, it saves you those few precious minutes. This especially comes in handy for bloggers, social media marketers, businesses and as well as you. As a social media user, you probably have a personal brand you’re building and taking care of.

We’ve already tried it out ourselves so check out our 4 step easy walk through below.

To enable the function on your IG:

  1. Go to your profile page. Hit Options which you can find on the upper right corner
  2. Click Add Account which you can find before the Log Out option at the bottom of the menu.12669303_10205540475492468_2115654235_o
  3. Log into the account that you would like to add.12669990_10205540477012506_1326337098_o
  4. To navigate between accounts just go to your profile page and tap the account name on the upper left side of the screen.12669758_10205540476692498_1731582960_o

If you haven’t received the update prompt yet or your can’t see the option, you can do two things:

  1. You can close the app. Clean the cache which you can find on your app manager in the settings of your phone and open the app again.
  2. Check out these links for Android and iTunes on your phone. You can uninstall and reinstall the app to get version 7.15.

If you’re still having trouble seeing this new feature or have a few thoughts on it, leave us a comment below. Happy sharing!