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Fujifilm’s X70 Launched: For the Fixed Lens Enthusiast


We can say that this camera can be considered the younger brother of the solid X100 series. Though do not discredit it for its small size factor, this camera can churn out exceptional images. Fujifilm’s X70 is among those launched last January 21, 2016 at Discovery Suites, Ortigas. The X70 is Fuji’s premium compact digital camera. If there is one thing Fuji know is how to give small camera’s mighty impact.


The X70 is made to be a companion to travel enthusiasts and for those photographers on #365projects. It features a fixed new Fujinon 18.5mm F/2.8 lens compared to the 23mm F/2 found on all X100 series. The X70 also has 16 megapixel APS-C X Trans II sensor inside the camera and is also powered by the high-performance EXR Processor II image processor that puts the camera start up in just 0.5 seconds, the on sensor phase detection AF works at 0.1 second. Moreover, the shutter lag is insignificant at 0.01 second and gets a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds. The X70 captures nearly as fast as you can think which is what we all need when shooting street or dynamic subjects.

As per Fuji’s signature retro feel, you can expect the X70 to be in line with this design campaign. The usual exposure compensation, shutter speed dials aperture and focus rings are made from well-designed milled aluminium to keep the weight down. It’s definitely lightweight at 340 grams.


Some notable changes from the X100 are the well loved hybrid view finder has been removed with an optional hotshoe viewfinder unit can be purchased separately. Also, the FujiFilm X70 is the first X-Series camera to feature a touchscreen capability and of rotation 180 degrees for all those selfie moments. Lastly, the fixed lens backed by the first Digital Tele-converter in an X-Series camera, users can now select 35mm and 50mm angle of view options. You can “zoom”.


FujiFillm’sX70 does deliver fast and powerful without sacrificing its pocket size appeal. It’s a good start to get into the fixed lens X-Series family. The X70 is priced at Php 36,990 SRP.

Words by Gian Ramirez | Photography by Yven Aldover