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Virtual Reality Philippines Hosts Manila Vive Jam


24 hours – that’s all these app developers have to create the virtual reality games aimed initially for mobile use. From January 16-17, game developers have gathered in a cosy conference space at the PLDT Innolab to harness their talents in producing virtual reality games that may just be another push for the online gaming industry as well as advanced sensory technology. This virtual reality jam brought together splendid talents to learn and team up on making immersive virtual reality applications and encounters utilizing room-scale tracking and characteristic data innovation that is made conceivable with the HTC Vive and SteamVR stage.


What makes the Vive miles ahead of other VR devices is that it is capable of room-scale tracking through its lighthouse base stations, which means that users can walk freely around a 4.5mx4.5m space and fully and naturally interact with the virtual environment using the two tracked controllers.

A few organizations are chipping away at another era of VR headsets: Oculus Rift is a head-mounted presentation for gaming purposes created by Oculus VR. One of its adversaries was named by Sony as PlayStation VR, which requires a PS4 rather than a PC to run. In 2015, Valve Corporation declared their organization with HTC to make a VR headset fit for following the definite position of its client in a 4.5 by 4.5 meters region, the HTC Vive which is the tech used for this jam.

At the event entrance lay a 3D printing tech by Narra 3D. There was a 2 room-scale Vive setups on the event. Free coffee and food might be enough motivation, but even though this event is not claimed to be a competition, the teams aimed to provide the best virtual reality games they can. Upon evaluation, four demos have been offered to the lucky attendees – Shark Hunt, The Cabin, Fill & Run, and Earthquake VR Simulator. Developers and creators of differing ability levels, from understudies to expert amusement designers, are all welcomed to take an interest either as a group or separately.

Despite some glaring flaws on some of the applications, the entire feat of Virtual Reality Philippines has been a solid attempt at app development. Of course, creating games within a 24-hour window is a tediously challenging feat on its own, but the teams have been ardent in their goal of creating worthwhile virtual reality games.

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