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Kata Game Controller Review: Test Drive


We finally were able to get our hands on a Kata Game Controller which you can use with the Kata Box. So, we took it out for a spin and here are a few quick things we noted.


At first glance, the Kata Game Controller’s design is reminiscent of the PS line of controllers. It has a Directional Pad on the left, Ability buttons on the right, 4 function buttons in the middle, L1 L2 R1 R2 buttons at the top and lastly, a home button and two analog sticks at the bottom. It’s definitely light weight as compared to most controllers in the market. It connects to the Kata Box via a Bluetooth dongle.



Since the Kata Game Controller is connected via Bluetooth, there was rarely any noticeable lag in terms of controls during gameplay. All buttons were responsive and up to par. Though we had not felt any vibration or haptic feedback like most game controllers, this can be cause the games we played didn’t support it or it is not support by the device.




The battery will last you a few hours of gaming. In terms of handling, the Kata Game Controller’s light weight will help ward off the feeling of your hands getting numb. Like most game controllers, the analog sticks might take some breaking in time as they are still a bit fresh-from-the-box stiff.



The Kata Game Controller is very useful when used with the Kata Box as it can also double as a pause and play function when viewing videos. The d-pad and ability buttons also allow you to interact with the user interface. As for the games, definitely more enjoyable but as mentioned in the Kata Box review:

  1. Make sure you’re internet connection is stable and fast enough (3Mbps or higher)

  2. A mouse will be enormous help as some apps have content that the remote doesn’t access (play buttons and in-video links)

  3. Yes, download games and try them out with the controller. Some may work and some may not, after all, some android games were designed with touch screen in mind.

  4. Always clean your RAM by using WipeOut every time you leave an app for better performance.

The Kata Game Controller is currently available with the Kata Box at Php 2,999.