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iflix: Changing The Way We View Entertainment


There was once a time when films are actually shot using film negatives until the digital cameras are introduced that made filming easily accessible and can be done by anybody who just wants to make films. There was once a time that movie houses are the go-to places of people who wanted to watch movies until super malls came and introduced a one-stop shop for people who wanted to shop, dine, and watch but as technology advances a new invention comes into the way forcing people to adapt to the comfort that technology brings, and therefore changing the way we view cinema and television today. Thus introducing to us iflix.



Iflix, is more like Southeast Asia’s answer to America’s Netflix. It is the leading internet TV service in the region that offers subscribers unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment for a low monthly price of P129 pesos.

Iflix Celebrity investors (JM Rodriguez, Raymond Gutierrez, Ruffa Gutierrez, Karylle Tatlong-hari Yuzon, Iza Calzado, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, CEO and co-founders Mark Britt)


And to be able to take strong, forward steps in changing the way people watch TV shows and films. Last November 16, 2015 iflix welcomed their new celebrity shareholders and partners namely Iza Calzado, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ruffa Gutierrez, Raymond Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, JM Rodriguez and Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon.

Mark Britt, iflix Group co-founder and CEO says “It is a tremendous honor to have exceptional celebrities of such caliber joins us as shareholders. Now, along with our advisory board of Hollywood’s most elite executives, we have unquestionably one of the most formidable profiles and strongest networks in the entertainment industry both in the Philippines and internationally.”

“At iflix, we are committed to working with the best partners in all areas from technology and content to marketing and distribution. These partnerships with the Philippines’ leading entertainment icons are a testament of this pledge. We look forward to benefiting from their tremendous experiences and wealth of knowledge about the entertainment industry in their role as our advisors.” Britt added.


As partners in the business, Calzado, Curtis-Smith, Rodriguez, Tatlonghari-Yuzon, and the Gutierrez sibling will also play key roles in jointly developing projects for iflix original productions, as the company moves forward with its plans for original content with committed budgets and negotiations with independent local producers and studios.



Now available in Malaysia, Thailand, and the Pilippines, iflix will continue to roll out its world-class service to additional key Southeast Asian markets in coming months. With over 750,000 subscribers in just five months of launching, iflix offers consumers the largest library of top Asian redional, and local TV shows and movies. Each subscription allows users to access the service on up to five devices, including mobiles, tablets, computers, and television sets, for vieiwing whenever, wherever.


Iflix offers a complimentary 30-day trial with full access to iflix’s world class service, features, and content , with  no credit card or payment details requires. Go to www.iflix.com to register.


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