Home Event ASUS Provides Solutions to Education, Enterprise and Retail with ASUSPro Line

ASUS Provides Solutions to Education, Enterprise and Retail with ASUSPro Line



ASUS is known for unveiling a battalion of products in any of their events, and the ASUSPro launch last November 11, 2015 wasn’t an exception. The ASUSPro Innovative Solutions line is a product series that aims provide tech solutions to any industry, ranging from education, retail, enterprise and even small & medium businesses. Products include routers, projectors, laptops and PCs.


The ASUSPro Innovative Solutions is divided into four categories. The first section, the Education Solutions, primarily showcased software fixes exclusive to ASUS laptops and PCs that enable schools to disable USB ports without the need to do it from the BIOS screen, schedule simultaneous PC shutdowns, and even allow students to actually scale their documents to their actual sizes on the monitor before printing. All of these, ASUS says, aim to enable a school environment that’s safe and will produce quality students.


The second section is the Small & Medium Businesses Solutions. The hero products are the new ASUSPro laptops that they claim are more durable, thus bringing down the total cost of ownership. The ASUSPro BU Laptops, in particular, were subjected to various stress, drop, temperature and other extreme wear and tear tests to ensure that they are of optimum quality and durability upon market release. ASUS even demonstrated a BU laptop being smashed over and over to prove that it can withstand event the worst of tantrums.


Enterprise Solutions was the third section, and it featured products designed for big corporations in mind. Introduced in the event was a new Chromecast video conference tool that enables Google Hangouts through a projector. This line also includes the BU laptops that are part of the Small & Medium Businesses solutions.


Lastly, ASUSPro line also includes solutions for Retail and Services. The main selling proposition of this line is enabling a system for stores to allow customers to check for the availability of a product prior to store visit, saving time and energy for both the customer and the store crew. Probably my favorite solution from this line is the ability to locate certain items in the grocery through designated tablets scattered all throughout the grocery. But of course, in my mind, I realized I can just actually ask a grocery staff to help me find the item. Well, that’s just me.


It’s impressive how ASUS was able to package individual products into lines that target certain industries to help them sustain and grow their businesses and operations. The ASUSPro line is a promising slew of products, software and services. ASUS didn’t present that many groundbreaking innovations. They decided to target problems as specific as possible and attempt to offer solutions for them through their products. This now gives me a feeling that there are endless, multiple combinations to how an individual or a business can actually use these products to their advantage. Whatever the case, at least we have options, and a lot of them from just one brand, at that.