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Tanim Bala: The Game


In light of the recent issues plaguing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and with the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Corporation Meeting to be held in the Philippines next week, we salute Kulit Games for coming up with a way to lighten the entire situation with a simple app appropriately titled Tanim Bala [Bullet Planting]. This app is currently available in Google Play and currently still in the works for iTunes.


Characters & Game Play

There are two main characters as you play this scam game. One is the greedy airport administrators seen dropping bullets from the top of the screen. The other is you, the traveller, trying to avoid being planted a bullet.

The game play and objective is simple and straightforward. You try avoiding catching bullets falling from the top of the screen and it gets tougher as more and more bullets start falling at the same time. If you somehow manage to catch a bullet, then the game closes and the greedy airport administrator demands a $1000.00 fine to let you go.

One thing we noticed is that the scoring system is pretty inconsistent. We tried counting the rows of bullets and the amount of bullets falling and in all the games we played (a lot), we were always 2-5 points short. So, that’s one mystery there.


The game has two arrow buttons at the bottom right and left corner respectively. You tap the buttons left and right to move accordingly. You do a long press of the button for your character to run left and right respectively. Sadly, as much as we tried running from one end of the screen to the other, one cannot achieve avoiding all falling bullets at the three bullet fall.


Graphics & Sounds

Graphics is cartoon-ish which we think adds to the comic relief objective this game tries to bring. Moreover, though it is a scary situation, it still is fun to play which we hope still increases the awareness of the real issue at hand. The exaggerated expressions might not be all that exaggerated in real life though. The game background music is reminiscent to elevator music with a hint of mission impossible tones.


The Verdict: 3/5 – Download and Try

A first impression is that this is a game that is definitely Filipino. Since, we love to make light of dire situations and this is a perfect example. Though it does spread awareness of the issue at hand, it’s not the type of game you get hooked on. It was there for the hype but has long since faded. We still encourage you guys to try Tanim Bala game out on your way to NAIA before your trip to remind yourself to be vigilant and be aware. Yes, since it’s a free game there are ads too. Also, like the real life situation, there is no pause button on this game either. Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comment section below.

Good luck! Have a safe trip!