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Starmobile Announces New Chief Operating Officer


Starmobile has announced the appointment of Mr. Jerry Manus as the company’s new COO (Chief Operating Officer). “To say that we are excited to have Mr. Manus join Starmobile is an understatement,” said Starmobile President Ulysses Lao. “With his proficiency, he will be able to lead Starmobile to a bigger and brighter future,” he added.


Mr. Manus is a former Nokia and Apple executive. He worked at Nokia for 10 years and transferred to Apple last year. He was a country manager of Nokia in Cambodia and Laos and before that, he is an executive at Nokia Philippines where he headed Distribution and Retail Operations.

“I am more than thrilled to be part of a homegrown brand,” said Manus. “This will be a great opportunity for Starmobile to further prove that a Filipino company can stand toe-to-toe with the best of the world,” he said.

Personally, its nice to see bigwigs like Mr. Manus working for a homegrown company like Starmobile. We will be expecting exciting changes as we witness more amazing products from a proudly Pinoy company. 🙂