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Microsoft Releases Arrow Launcher for Android on Google Play


Apparently, the world needs a Microsoft Android launcher. At least that’s what the tech giant thinks. The launcher called Arrow is now available on the Google Playstore for free. Yes, FREE. So, what’s so special about this launcher and why should you (or should not) download?


Image from Microsoft

Well, for one, it’s a simplified, cleaner Android experience. Upon installation, you will be greeted with a Most Frequently Used Apps screen. It’s smart enough to arrange the apps on your home screen by, you guessed it, how frequent you use it. The arrangements vary every now and then based on which app you last used and that’s probably the first problem users might have with this launcher. It’s confusing albeit being clean and simple and one might just end up looking for an app icon instead of just jumping right into it right away. After all, our fingers often remember where certain app icons are placed on our screens triggering almost automatic tapping.

What’s good about this launcher is that on either sides of the frequent apps screen are Recent and People screens by default which show you everything from your recent messages and call up to the last photo you took. You also have the option to add a Notes and Reminders screen and throw in some widgets as well. It’s fairly customizable and the icons and actions you can do with them make sense. There’s also the addition of a iOS Control Center like pull-up tab that lets you do a number of functions like turning on the torch flashlight or changing the orientation lock. The regular notifications pull down tab is still there and functionable, however. The launcher also comes with a variety of wallpapers and its very own app icon pack. For now, the launcher is only available in 2 languages – English and Chinese.

Download the launcher and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!