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PhilCare Partners With Samsung Business For A More Efficient Healthcare Availment


Wednesday, October 28, 2015, PhilCare and Samsung PH announced the first Near Field Communication (NFC) capable membership cards at The Peninsula, Makati. Available to ALL Philcare members, this latest innovation was built to make health service availments faster and hassle free. As Noemi Azura, CEO and President of PhilCare said “We are proud to introduce this new technology to the HMO industry. We’ve been looking for the best technology to make medical services smoother and more convenient for our clients and providers and NFC seems to be the perfect fit for this goal.”


Customer service being PhilCare’s top priority, the leading health care provider aimed to cut short the process of healthcare availment and thus improve customer experience. In most cases, members are asked to secure letter of authorization from the HMO office before getting the medical services. But, with the NFC-capable card, that tedious process is already antiquated, at least for PhilCare members.  All they have to do is to hand their card to the service providers of PhilCare for them to tap the card to their designated Samsung smartphone. And the member’s information, coverage and benefit will be readily available. Hence, members’ healthcare availment is easier, faster and close to paperless.


During the press conference, one of the questions raised was about the security feature of the card. Samsung executives made sure to explain that their smartphones have been equipped with NFC for quite a long time for quick file transfers, payments and other transactions. And each mobile device is equipped with security features from the hardware level and enhanced with Samsung’s propriety security platform. Thus, members should be worry-free about security


Utilizing the latest advancements, PhilCare didn’t start innovating with the NFC powered cards. They have launched in 2013 the PhilCare Go mobile application to serve as members’ reference on their coverage, benefits, lists of PhilCare affiliated hospitals, clinics and doctors. Moreover, they recently launched their e-commerce website which is first to offer online healthcare transactions. Will this be time for PhilCare to slow down introducing new advancements? I don’t think so, especially now they have partnered with Samsung Business. Surely, this will just be the beginning of more progressive developments as far as HMO services are concerned.