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Soundfreaq Pocket Kick Review: The Best Portable Lounge Speaker Yet


The built-in speakers in our phones and computers don’t really sound that great. They’re tinny, not that loud and aren’t really designed to fill a room with sound. For gatherings, house parties or maybe just for a chill me-time, we turn to a Bluetooth speaker. That’s where the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick comes in – a slim, portable wireless speaker that packs great sound in a smaller body.

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While Bluetooth speakers have the tendency to be really clunky and ugly, the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick is an exception. It’s just elegant. It looks like a rounded rectangular piece of metal sandwich with a rubber band in the middle for easy grip and stability on a flat surface. Its ultra portable living room-worthy design is the first reason why you’ll want it. It’s easy to slip into any bag, light enough to carry around, and is attractive enough to show off at a house party.

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The front and the back are donned with metal grilles. You’ll find the power switch with a built-in LED indicator, the Bluetooth connectivity button, the micro-USB port for charging and the 3.5 mm jack for aux connection. On the right side, you’ll find the volume up and down buttons and a play-pause button that syncs to whatever app is playing audio on your smartphone or tablet. A bonus feature of the Pocket Kick is a microphone found at the top beside the Soundfreaq Logo. This means you can take calls while playing audio in speakerphone mode.



Let’s just get straight to the point. The Pocket Kick sounds awesome. It’s loud with great bass that you can feel if you place it on a table. No sound detail is lost, although there seems to be a slight distortion when playing audio at the loudest volume. This is, nevertheless, avoidable as it gets loud enough even at 70% volume level.

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When used as a speakerphone, calls sound clearer with less noise and distortion. Of course, just like taking a call through your phone’s earpiece, sound quality depends on the reception. But with a great signal, expect call audio quality to be great.



The Pocket Kick, albeit being small, houses a battery that will last you up to 10 hours of music listening. This is pretty ideal for outdoor use and is gives its portable design much more sense.


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Although it comes at a price tag of P4,500, we think it’ll be worth it given it’s beautiful design, great sound quality and ideal portability. Compared to the more affordable Bluetooth speakers like the NudeAudio Move S and M, we think that the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick will be the better investment if you’re on the lookout for a great-sounding, attractive portable speaker.

Do you own a Bluetooth speaker? If yes, would you consider the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick as a replacement? Sound off in the comments below!