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Facebook “Dislike” Button Confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Chief Executive, ended speculations and years of clamor about the “dislike” button and confirmed that they’re working on it and it’s coming soon. The announcement happened last September 15, 2015 during a Q&A session from the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California according to news from Business Insider and USA Today.


Initially, Facebook dismisses the creation of the much-talked about “dislike” button for it may cause upvoting and downvoting, which definitely this social media site is not all about. “That isn’t what we’re here to build in the world” as simply put by Zuckerberg according to Business Insider.

But, the Facebook Chief can’t also deny that the “like” button can’t always represent how we feel about every post. The likes of National Crises and death in the family are kind of status updates that should not get a “like” hit. As of now, there is no option yet to express sympathy or empathy, other than leaving a comment. And this is exactly what Zuckerberg wants to address as he confirms the new button or buttons.

“It is important to give people more options than just “like” to help express… Not every moment is a good moment” as shared by Zuckerberg according to USA Today.

As we all know, Facebook has become a venue for us not just to connect but more so to interact. The unveiling of the new button/s may just perfectly suit the many layers, sides and angles of our feelings towards each other and our status updates. We may not have the certainty of what buttons are up and coming and how each will be received and used by us. But, I am certain that in this day and age, those buttons will just further animate social networking.

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