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Here Come Instagram Ads


Brace yourselves, the floodgates are down and more Instagram ads are coming. Since its inception, Instagram does not actively support paid ads unless you follow certain brands with official Instagram accounts, “Instagram stars”, and online sellers that are constantly posting advertisements of their products or the products that they sponsor. When Facebook purchased Instagram, it was not a far fetched idea that the app was soon to start supporting paid ads. After all, the company needs to survive and marketing is a major revenue generator.


While browsing our feed, we saw a post from Instagram recently that has a Sponsored badge on the upper right corner. Previously, Instagram was very keen on who would be able to put ads onto their user’s feeds and rarely did we see these as we scroll through posts from people we follow. According to help.instagram.com, they are “expanding Instagram advertising to make it available to businesses of all sizes.” Last August, an API (Application Programming Interface) was already introduced for 3rd party applications to manage their posting. Yes, the interface feels alot like Facebook’s.

Not to worry, FTA has got you covered. Check out below screenshots on how to better manage these ads on your feeds:

Instagram lets the users decide on the ads that they want to see by clicking Sponsored on the upper right corner of the post. Users can hide ads and this data gets sent to Instagram which filters the ads you see accordingly. So you are aware, Instagram pulls information about you, the user, from its parent company – Facebook. So it might show you sponsored posts coming from the companies that you had liked on Facebook.

media-20150927 (2)

We’re hoping that the implementation will not hurt the quality of posts on our Instagram feed. Though it is advised to expect photos and short videos coming from brands that you do not follow. Again, this is a income generating move for the company after all.

There is no definite date as to when this would be pushed to Philippine registered accounts though globally this is set to start on September 30, 2015. So for now, enjoy the Instagram posts from the users that you follow and let us know how you feel about this news by leaving a comment below.