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Instagram 7.5: Squared No More and Wait There’s More


Instagram has broken the boundaries of its square publishing format by enabling their user to upload landscape and portrait photographs. So, we thought that recent update brought to us by photo sharing app Instagram was epic enough. Apparently, they had us at “but wait there’s more”. FTA is here to walk you through all these new updates.


Portrait and Landscape Photographs

This is probably the biggest change they have introduced. Instagram is particularly known for its iconic square format but recently gave users the additional option of uploading landscape and portrait format photographs.

You can find this option on the upload screens by hitting the bracket icon on the bottom left part. Note that this only works if you’re uploading from you phone’s gallery. If you still decide to take a photo or video with Instagram itself, it will still be published in a square format.

There are photos that are meant to be posted on their original format and despite the mixed feelings we anticipate that a lot of active instagram users are delighted with this new update.

Filters: Clarendon, Gingham and Moon

These aren’t actually new. In line with Instagram’s directive to standardize filters for both photos and videos, you’ll find video filters making their way to photo options and vice versa.  Clarendon increases both brightness and contrast in photos. Gingham has a fade effect placed in. Moon is a soft black and white filter.

Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct used to enable users to share their photos privately with friends and family. Then both parties can comment on the photo shared and that’s how conversations went.

Now, you can directly interact with your followers by hitting the plus icon on the upper right side in the Instagram Direct window and have conversation without the need of photograph to start. In addition, you also can share photos from your feed to friend by hitting the share icon beside the like and comment icons.

Seasoned and new users of Instagram are definitely in for a treat. This update is available via Google Play and iTunes Store. Over all, we are happy with the new features and like the way Instagram is keeping up with the needs of its users. So, give them a try and let us know how you feel about these updates.