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Power Mac Center Bridges Gap Between Art and Technology with Pixelworx


Power Mac Center knew it was time to recognize the growing local art scene in the Philippines. They believe that with only the most powerful technologies in their hands, artists will be able to stretch their limits and their imaginations, in turn creating much more compelling art. This paved way for the launch of Pixelworx – an campaign to help bring out the creativity of Filipino artists by offering them tools to aid them in creating.

PowerMac Center tapped into the art forms of four Art Ambassadors: Jay Contreras for Photography, Electrolychee (Marcus and Bru Nada) for Graphic Design, Nikki Luna for Visual Arts and Leeroy New for Sculpture, all representing the best in their fields. These influencers conducted free workshops in PowerMac centers around the metro and shared their skills and techniques in creating their chosen medium. The workshops also demonstrated how softwares like Adobe Photoshop and hardware like Wacom Tablets improve the already impressive techniques each of the attendees possess.

From L to R: Bru Nada, Marcus Nada, Jay Contreras
Leeroy New (L) and Nikki Luna (R)

Another part of the Pixelworx campaign is the Multi-Media competition open to all who want to express their art through technology. From over 100 entries, 20 finalists were hand-picked by the Art Ambassadors themselves.

The event at the Ayala Museum last August 22, 2015 was the culmination of this campaign. There, all four Art Ambassadors and the 20 finalists of the Pixelworx Multi-Media Competition, their friends and families and other media outlets gathered to celebrate art and technology.

Guests checking-out one of the artworks on exhibit. All were displayed on iPads.

There, the Art Ambassadors shared what they thought about what art really is and the role that it plays in society.

“Art is subjective, but pure art is intention.” said Leeroy New, whose latest executions of his medium have raised eyebrows yet fascinated people at the same time due to its boldness and ability to disrupt the norm.

For Nikki Luna, art should always talk about something relevant and shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing.

Jay Contreras, whose superb skills in photography prove his many facets, believes that art is felt, should affect the viewer and should compel you to do something.

These Art Ambassadors collaborated on a final art piece that was showcased in during the event.

Jay Contreras marveling at their collaborative piece.

During the event, the 6 winners of the Pixelworx Multi-Media Competition were also announced, all chosen by the ambassadors themselves. Coming out on top is Visual Artist Jeff Ilagan, whose creative vision won him an iPad Air 2 and a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. His work entitled “Dream World” was a mixed media piece employing carved bars of soap, detergent powders, a towel and pins to create a stunning visual. He said that he gets inspired by whimsical elements and by texture, which he combined together to create the art.

Jeff Ilagan, Diamond Prize Winner, shows off his loot for winning the Pixelworx Mixed Media Competition.
Diamond - Jett Ilagan - Dreamworld - Photography (Mixed  Media)
Dream World by Jeff Ilagan

With Pixelworx, PowerMac Center has successfully brought technology closer to aspiring artists and has opened new doors for new art media. With these, more Filipinos will be able to create, influence, compel and express through art in the many more years to come.