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Globe Adds More Data Allocation On Its Tattoo Home Broadband Service


We came across again Globe’s Tattoo Home Broadband website and we noticed yet another change on its broadband plan offerings. In March 2015, netizens had an uproar after Globe Telecom revamps its Tattoo Home Broadband service ditching “unlimited” internet and adding monthly data allocation on DSL services.

Globe Tattoo Rewards Plus[5]

Globe was flooded with disappointed new and old subscribers after the said revamp. But we have some good news. Well, sort of… The company added more data allocation on its DSL plans 1299 to 2999 and making all platinum plans with unlimited internet. All LTE plans had their data allocations unchanged except for platinum plans. Check out the new plan offerings below:


For your reference, this is the other set of plans about 2 months ago:


Currently we are on Globe Tattoo Home Broadband’s old plan 1599 with a landline (unlimited calls to Globe/TM), WiFi router and 5Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed with 10GB daily data allocation. If you are applying for the same plan as ours, you’ll get the same speed and freebies but with 60GB monthly data allocation. For us, this still too small. So our tip for those whose subscription’s contract has expired, do not renew it for you’ll be placed with the new plan as shown above.

So what do you think? Are you going to switch ISPs?


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