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ZTE Mobile Says Sorry About the Sale Ruckus Yesterday


ZTE Mobile issued a statement regarding the sale mishap that happened yesterday. The company announced that they will be trimming down the ZTE Grand X2 L from P11,990 to just P1,999 from 2 to 6pm yesterday at participating ZTE Mobile kiosks and stores. The sale ended up with angry and frustrated customers after ZTE stopped the sale before it ended. It turned out that the company only had hundreds of Grand X2 L per kiosk which made people really furious.


In the statement, ZTE Mobile said they were overwhelmed by the turnout of people who want to buy the phone and apologized to the people who lined up and went home empty handed.

ZTE Sale 1
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“Thank you so much for the overwhelming support for the ZTE Mobile Sales Promo.

We appreciate the efforts made by the thousands who went to our kiosks and concept store yesterday. We did not expect such an overflow of interested buyers, hence the shortage.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Truly, we made a mistake in underestimating the response and we appeal for your understanding and compassion. As a responsible organization, we are finding ways to address the concerns of those who painstakingly queued to enjoy the offer yet went home disappointed.

As we are humbled by the reception the public has given our campaign, together with MSI-ECS, our distributor, we are committing ourselves to coming up with better initiatives, more aggressive promotions and up to date mobile devices that will benefit more Filipinos in the coming days.

Again, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment we have caused.”

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