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Microsoft Lumia Branding Officially Unveiled, No More Nokia


Microsoft is officially killing the Nokia brand. New Nokia devices running Microsoft’s mobile OS, Windows Phone, will be rebranded as “MICROSOFT LUMIA”. For those who are not aware, Nokia Corporation sold its handset division to Microsoft in April 2014. Nokia, the company that used to make mobile phones still exists as Nokia Networks, a telecommunication equipment (example: cellsites) maker and service provider.


As you can see on this unknown Lumia device, there’s no more Nokia branding but instead Microsoft’s signature window logo is at the back while the word Microsoft is on the front at the top the display.


The company will still continue to make feature phones carrying the Nokia brand because of its 10-year license to use Nokia as brand for such type of phones. The last devices carrying the Nokia brand are the Nokia Lumia 830, 730 and 735 which are now available locally. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will change Nokia’s existing social media accounts to “Microsoft Lumia” as well.

Let’s see how people will react to this especially here in our country were Nokia ruled supreme several years ago. Believe it or not, there are still loyal Nokia users here even if the brand no longer uses its old Symbian OS. As the company changes its brand, it will face a tough competition with a local brand. Cherry Mobile has launched 4 new devices running Windows, the Alpha series – Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph, Play, Luxe and Style.

Microsoft yesterday sold 9.3 Million Lumia devices last quarter which is its highest sales after its acquisition of Nokia. We hope that as Microsoft Lumia, the sales will continue to grow since Windows Phone, for us, is the best alternative to Android and iOS.