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Globe Now Has Share-A-Load Validation To Prevent Text Scams


Globe Telecom has been receiving numerous of complains about text scams everyday. So, the local Telco came up an idea to curb these text scammers who deceive subscribers that they will get refund for their bill but actually, the subscriber will be sharing a load to the text scammer. We’ve received a text message from a scammer too. Check the photo below


Now, Globe will ask you to confirm a Share-A-Load transaction. The validation message reads as follows: “You are about to share PXXX load with 0916XXXXXXX. Reply YES within 5 minutes to proceed. P1/transaction. Report text scams to www.globe.com.ph/stopspam.”


“We want to continuously protect our customers against these scams. By putting in place this additional measure, we would help prevent our customers from unwittingly undertaking Share-A-Load transactions,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Senior Vice-President for Corporate Communications. She noted that even with widespread communication efforts, some customers are still unaware that by adding the number “2” before the 10-digit mobile number of the recipient, they are actually doing a Share-A-Load transaction.

Please do report any text scams to Globe thru http://www.globe.com.ph/stopspam and provide all the details required. Numbers that are reported as source of text scams will be immediately blocked from the network.