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ABSCBNmobile Now Has Unlimited Internet and Unlimited Texts!


ABS-CBN’s mobile service, ABSCBNmobile, has added new services that subscribers have been waiting for – unlimited texts and internet! Since its official launch in November of 2013, ABSCBNmobile has only offered bundled internet, call and text services. Thankfully, the company has added unlimited internet services called “Kapamilya Online Load Unli”

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To register, simply text KOLU50 (P50 for 1 day unlimited internet) and send it to 2135.

ABSCBNmobile subscribers can now text to sawa their friends from Globe, Smart, Talk N Text, TM and Sun Cellular with “Kapamilya Text All Net Unli”! To register, text KTANU10 (P10 for 1 day unlimited texts to all networks) and send it to 2135.

For new ABSCBNmobile subscribers, you can load up on any Globe autoloadmax stations but you cannot load Globe load cards and share load to Globe subscribers.

For more information, please visit ABSCBNmobile’s website http://www.abscbnmobile.com

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