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What Should ABS-CBNMobile Do Next?


If you have been watching on ABS-CBN lately, you may noticed how they have been promoting heavily the company’s mobile service ABS-CBNMobile. For those who are now aware, ABS-CBN made a deal ng Globe Telecom last year to form ABS-CBNMobile, a new mobile service being offered by the TV and Film giant. Globe Telecom bought and assumed the debts of ABS-CBN’s sister company Bayan Telecommunications and in return, ABS-CBN will use Globe’s network for its own mobile service.


ABS-CBNMobile was launched on November 16, 2013 during the benefit concert for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. The company gave out 100,000 SIM card to the victims with a special load for them to call or text their love ones. Recenltly, ABS-CBNMobile announced they are close of getting 250,000 subscribers and they are targeting at least 1 million subscribers towards the end of the year.

For us this is quite impressive considering they have been around for only 6 months. But there are still things that ABS-CBNMobile should do to attract more subscribers.


ABS-CBNMobile has already wide range of services but we think this is not enough. As of the moment, they are only offering prepaid services but there plans of offering postpaid services soon. One major factor is the lack of “unli” services. We think internet it is costly for subscribers to load P15 or P20 worth of internet bundles especially if they have a lot of ABS-CBN shows to watch online. Imagine, 45MB of data for P20 is only good for about 1 hour of watching shows on iWantv.

iWantv is ABS-CBN’s video on demand and live streaming service. They also have an app available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Only ABS-CBNMobile subscribers can have full access of the app. These small internet bundles are not enough to enjoy the service so we suggest they offer unli services.


Ultra fast internet is very essential these days and we think ABSCBNMobile must contemplate on offering LTE services too. The problem, however, is Globe Telecom has limited LTE network. Perhaps, it would be better they don’t put a data cap just like Globe did.


Where can we buy these SIM cards? According to ABS-CBNMobile, they are available on Sari Sari stores and cellphone tiangges. We’ve been to some tiangges and stores and we seldom see their SIM cards. They should attend to making the SIM cards available not just with tiangges and stores but in malls, convenient stores and prepaid load stations too. There is only one ABS-CBNMobile store as of the moment and it is located on ABS-CBN’s headquarters in Quezon City. More ABS-CBNMobile stores should be put up just like Globe and Smart stores.