The Amazing Spiderman 2 is one the most awaited movies this year that kicks off with a midnight screening in SM IMAX on its opening day here in the Philippines. It was a full house and everyone was just excited to see Spiderman swing in between skyscrapers one again.


Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is graduating from high school. With his constant visions of Captain George Stacey, Peter is reminded of his promise to the late captain and that is to keep his daughter Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) out from danger. As a result we see a bewildered Peter trying to balance his life as a normal being who is trying to connect the things his parent’s left and as Spiderman who is saving the city from Electro/Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) an attention seeker electrical engineer who works for OSCORP who one day was saved by Spiderman on the streets of New York thus instantly letting him become an avid fan of the superhero and The Green Goblin/Harry Osborne (Dane DeHaan) son of Norman Osborne, head of OSCORP and best friend of Peter Parker. When Harry learns the sickness running in the Osborne genes, he tried finding the cure and later on discovers that it was the blood of Spiderman he needs because of its healing ability. And when Spiderman refused him, he connives with Electro bringing danger to the city and its people.

spidey-catch (photos courtesy of Google Images)

Visually the movie is yet again astounding especially seeing it on an IMAX theatre. But narratively speaking the film falls short on making everything seem so half-baked. Yes! Like Spiderman’s dilemma the film was too much and unbalanced to not make its characters appealing and emphatic. Gone are the days where you see a movie where you empathize immediately on the protagonist and just make you want to kill the Antagonist. Villains are not born villains. They are people like us who choose to change because of the circumstances of life, and that is what makes them human,that is what makes us love them and hate them at the same time. With Electro and The Green Goblin in one movie was just too much. I felt wasted for their characters that both have moving stories to tell but were not given a chance. And with Peter Parker who has a lot of unresolved issues in terms of his personal life seems to be just set-ups but were never paid-off at the end of the film. In the end the filmmakers made me feel that they are trying to veer away on the true emotions that I have to endure as I come close to the end.

spider-man-conspiracy-map (photos courtesy of Google Images)

The Amazing Spiderman 2 was a visual spectacle but forgot its heart. With the issues revolving around its characters the film was supposed to be dark, heart breaking yet truthful to its very core. As Peter Parker would say “I made a choice. This is my path.” Yes! everyone of us has a choice to make and a path to take but the only thing that makes one’s path clearer is by learning to acknowledge the pain.