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Watching Livestream Via IWantv.com.ph No Longer Works With Smartphones


Before anything else I just want to say that I am an ABS-CBN televiewer and Sky subscriber for the longest time and I will always be and forever more a Kapamilya and loyal subscriber. We are all aware of ABS-CBN’s new direction these days. Aside from film and televsion, the company’s focus is its new mobile communications service, ABS-CBN Mobile. They are heavily investing on marketing its advantage over its competitors (mainly Smart, Sun, or even Globe) – content.

ABS-CBN’s shows and teleseryes are getting sky high TV ratings after it has overtaken rival GMA Network in 2009. One problem ABS-CBN televiewers are complaining is most of the time many have been missing their favorite teleseryes when they go home late. So, the solution is iWantv, a video-on-demand and internet livestreaming service of ABS-CBN. If you missed out your favorite teleseryes, you can just go to iWantv.com.ph and log in to your account. You must be SkyCable, SkyBroadband and ABS-CBN Mobile subscriber in order to enjoy its full services.


Here’s the problem. I am always on field work and I go home really late. I also have little time to view my favorite shows online. So what I do, I watch them live via iWantv using my mobile phone. It works fine with my iPhone before and on my LG G2 now. When ABS-CBN started pouring its content on ABS-CBN Mobile, I can no longer access livestream of any TV channel iWantv carries.

ABS-CBN recently launched the iWantv app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here’s the catch. You cannot access any content from the app unless you are an ABS-CBN Mobile subscriber. You should be subscribed to ABS-CBN Mobile’s internet services too. I am a Globe subscriber and the only way to access these service is via web. Now, I can longer watch ABS-CBN live using my phone.

Is this ABS-CBN’s strategy to get more ABS-CBN Mobile subscribers? I actually find it unfair. For now, I watch ABS-CBN live using my laptop.

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