Honestly I did not intend to watch the movie DIARY NG PANGET in theaters because of the reviews I have read. I planned to wait for it to be released on DVD and rent it out on the nearest video shop. However, one of my friends told me that it was good, fun, exciting, and most of all Nakaka-kilig. Another friend also shared that one of his co-worker is an avid follower of the book. With the feed backs I have heard and knowing that the book has a lot of followers, I decided to see the movie the next day. And lucky for me one of my favourite cinemas in the metro is still showing it.

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With the scorching heat outside I entered the cinema with a glass of halo-halo and sat on the middle row giving me a good view of the film. The film is about Eya (Nadine Lustre) a pimple-faced girl, who is an orphan and is now living and working at her aunt’s restaurant, and is the new scholar at Willford Academy inhabited by the rich and English speaking students, who one day out of poverty decides to apply for a job and become the personal nanny of Cross (James Reid) the arrogant, bossy rich boy who eventually will be Eya’s love interest . The two becomes entangled on the Lory (Yassi Pressman) and Chad (Andre Paras) love story, where Chad continues to pursue for Lory a british girl who grew up in the Philippines becomes Eya’s best friend and is madly in love with Cross since they were kids, thus giving us a four sided love story.

Even though such story has been told a thousand times, it becomes fresh and new with the proper direction which this film lacks. Andoy Ranay fails to deliver that magical feeling unlike most of the romantic comedy flicks this country’s film production houses has been doing for the past decade. Ranay focuses too much on how glossy his films ought to be (Sosy Problems, When the Love is Gone) thus forgetting that more than the style a director must know how to be a good storyteller.

As the closing credits roll slowly I come to realize that all the Happiness that I felt was only at the surface level and didn’t even manage to decently dig in and show its audiences what its character’s true dilemma are, in the end making them not relatable, superficial, and easily forgotten.

Though DIARY NG PANGET has elicited some laughter from its audiences, the film suffers from poor direction wasting its potential on becoming one of the most loved romantic comedy flick this country has.