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New Broadband/DSL Service Offerings From Local Telcos


Due to the increasing demand for internet connectivity. Local telcos have upgraded their DSL or wired broadband services by boosting their internet speed. I found out that not just bumping up the speed, telcos have revamped the pricing of their services. I did some research and I would like to share this you.


PLDT Home, the wired telecommunication service of PLDT, has been offering wide range of services from ultra fast broadband, DSL, low cost wireless broadbrand and of course, landline services. PLDT Home’s MyDSL Plan 999, which used to have speeds up to 1.5Mbps, now has speeds up to 3Mbps. If you have extra resources, you may check out PLDT Fibr, the company’s high speed internet service with speeds from 8Mbps to 100Mbps. Their new service, PLDT TVolution will transform your ordinary LCD TV or your old TV into a Smart TV (its like a smartphone on a large screen) and also connects you to the internet via WiFi. Just add P199 on your PLDT Fibr montly plan.

Check out PLDT Home’s website – http://www.pldthome.com


SkyBroadband is the internet service of Sky Corporation, the No. 1 cable TV service in the country. Sky has a total of 750,000 cable and broadband subscribers already (including Destiny Cable and Destiny Broadband subscribers). I’m a SkyBroadband and SkyCable subscriber myself for about 3 years now and so far, I’m happy with the service.

The company has revamped their services recently. SkyBroadband is now offering consumable, unlimited and high speed internet. I recommend SkyBroadband’s consumable plans to those who don’t regularly use their internet at home but wants faster than usual data speeds. Services like Plan 5Mbps with a 15GB monthly data cap is bundled with a 1.5Mbps unlimited internet for only P1,199. You can opt for a bigger 35GB monthly cap for P2,999.

Unli internet plans are also available. Get speeds up to 3 Mbps and only pay P999 a month. SkyBroadband currently has the fastest internet service with mind-blowing speeds up to 200Mbps. Yun nga lang, you have to pay P34,999 a month. Wow!

Visit SkyBroadband’s website – http://beta.mysky.com.ph/manila/skybroadband/plans.php


In case you may be asking, yes, Wi-Tribe is still alive. In fact, they have  on of the most affordable wireless broadband service today.  Get Plan 598 with speeds up to 1Mbps or Plan 998 with speeds up to 2Mbps.

Wi-Tribe is one of two telcos who offer WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) services in the country (the other one is Globe)

Visit Wi-Tribe’s website – http://www.wi-tribe.ph/products-2/consumer-plans

Globe Tattoo Rewards Plus[5]

PLDT’s archenemy, Globe, has also revamped and upgraded their wired services. Tattoo Home Broadband is currently offering internet speeds up to 5Mbps bundled with a landline, free calls to Globe/TM  and and free WiFi router for only P1,599 a month. Other services are Plan 3Mbps for P1,299 a month (still bundled with a landline, WiFi router and free calls to Globe/TM and Plan ) and Plan 2 Mbps for P1,099 a month. Globe now has Plan 7 Mbps that comes with the same freebies for P2,499 a month.

Globe has also rebranded their Tattoo Torque high speed internet service and changed the name to Tattoo Platinum. Get speeds up to 10Mbps for only P3,499, the lowest priced service I’ve seen so far.

Visit Globe Tattoo’s website – http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/products

BayanDSL Logo

BayanTel, now partly owned by Globe (but Lopez Holdings still has shares), is offering a wider range of services too. BayanTel is offering BayanDSL bundled with either a landline or a WiFi router.  For those bundled with a landline, choose from  Plan 1,299  with speeds up to 2 Mbps to Plan 2,399 with speeds up to 5Mbps.  Plans bundled with a WiFi router costs lower.

Visit Bayan’s website – http://www.bayan.com.ph/main_residential.php

I think its about time to give your service provider a call and inquire their new services. You may also scout for other telco’s offerings that will fit your budget and preferred service. Wired internet services have leveled up! Its better to get your home broadband services updated so that we can rely less on your mobile internet services while at home. Smart and Globe are implementing data caps on their 3G and LTE services based on their respective Fair Use Policy.