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THL T100 Release Delayed Due to Custom Problems


Novo7 Tech, the local distributor of THL smartphones, has announced on its Facebook page why the THL T100, the first local smartphone to sport Mediatek’s Octa-core processor has not yet arrived in stores. The company has announced the THL T100 way back in December 2013 and promised that it will be available in stores by January 2014. Its already the last week of February and the said smartphone is not yet available. THL’s competitors, Starmobile and Cherry Mobile has released their Octa-core smartphones Starmobile Diamond X1 and Cherry Mobile Cosmoz Z2 and its available in stores.


Apparently, the shipment encountered some problems with the Bureau of Customs. The shipment arrived second week of January but problems with customs made it difficult to get it out.

Here is a statement from Chris Zzy, CEO of Novo7 Tech:

our sincerest apology to those who waited for a long time. As a company we don’t want this kind of delay, cause we incur so much losses already, we have to settle daily expenses (operations cost) without anything to sell at all, imagine our cash flow bleeding out without remedy (bad bad for business). Anyway, here is the whole story: Our long time customs broker (Customs Broker A) has been consistent in releasing our products in time for almost 2 years na, but the delay started 1st week of January. We consistently follow up our stocks since January and the answer we got were 1) “there will be slight delay since there was some change in Customs Personnel”, and week after week there answer was 2) “next week lalabas na” and the week after 3) sure next week lalabas na”. Then comes Febuary, our company was so nervous na, cause most of our “puhunan” are in those Containers (All THL SKUs W300, W100s, T5, T100, W7s and W8s). Now time for Investigation, those Containers are assorted, our stocks and some other clients stocks are mixed in those containers. Time for us to contact some of those people who imported goods that are also in those containers. After all those investigation, it turns out the our “Customs Broker A” was lying to us since January, our containers has already arrived 2nd week of January. So why wasn’t those containers released? THE REASON: The Shipper in China did not give our “Customs Broker A” a “Bill of Lading with Telex Release”. Before a container to be examined by the customs department for releasing, the Broker should present or submit a Bill of Lading with Telex Release to them. But our Broker could not present any, since the Customs Shipper in China did not give Bill of Lading with Telex Release. Why didn’t the Shipper give a Telex Release? Our Customs Broker A have millions and millions of “Utang” from the Shipper. The Shipper won’t give any Telex Release unless the Broker pays them their “Utang”. So this turns out to be an Internal Problem between the Shipper and the Broker! it was not really a customs problem. Our only solution was to gather all those people who also have their products in the same container with us and PAY THE SHIPPER Millions!(We have to “ABUNO MUNA” or else when can the Broker pay the Shipper Millions? maybe in 5years!), so the Shipper can give a Bill of Lading with Telex Release. Hindi pa nagtatapos dyan. The Shipper wants a different Customs Broker. Shifting a Customs broker is not easy and it takes time. But we have to do it. We already did 2 Solutions. 1) We Paid the Customs Shipper in China, and the good news was that they already gave a “Bill of Lading with Telex Release”. and 2) We already found a new Customs Broker whom we call nalang “Customs Broker B”, Our New Broker B is processing our Containers na, Now that he have a “Bill of Lading with Telex Release”. BUT another Problem!! Our Containers were at the Customs storage for a long time without proper documents (Bill of Lading). Customs term is Demurrage. in other words naka on Alert or on detention na since ang tagal nasa storage without any papers. Again “bayad nanaman kami” SO.. our hope only lies to our New Customs Broker B to release all those containers, good news is that it will be Released! (Cause we are going to Pay customs again!), The Bad News it will Take Time nanaman, Cause there will be another process nanaman for containers that are on “Demurrage”. PROCESS STAGE: 1) lift up Demurrage alert (takes time) then 2) Examination (takes time again), 3) Process for Releasing (takes time) 4) Finally Gatepass!!. Again we Apologize, and patience lang talaga. I hope in God na marelease na siya earlier. This situation is out of our reach, its all in God’s hands now. for those who can’t wait have the option to refund. and for those who Will Wait shall get a surprise discount. — those who pre-ordered will get it at a price of Only 11,999! (less 1,000 so 10,999 nalang) with Free Jelly case, Screen Pro and 8Gb transcend micro SD. Thank you- Chris Zzy (CEO of Novo7 Tech)