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MyPhone Octa-core Smartphones Leaked Out!


Having Octa-core processors is the new gameplan for local smartphone manufacturers this year. Starmobile has the Diamond X1, Novo7 Tech has the THL T100, and Cherry Mobile has the Cosmos Z2. One brand has been very quiet recently, MyPhone. Looking at their Facebook page, they have been posting only like quotations, testimonials from MyPhone users and the upcoming MyPhone Youth Congress which will be happening this week.


And then, we saw this picture in the comments section of MyPhone’s Facebook page. Three new smartphones of what it seems a new line called OCEAN. These are MyPhone Ocean Elite, MyPhone Ocean Pro and MyPhone Ocean Lite. We still have no idea what are specs of these smartphones but we are definitely sure that one of them or maybe all of them are octa-core powered.

According to tech blog Unbox, these new smartphones will be announced at the MyPhone Youth Congress. Let’s stay tuned and we will update you.