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Why Smart’s Fair Use Policy is Better Than Globe


I was reading various blogs and exchange of opinions regarding Globe’s revised Fair Use Policy which limits a subscriber to 1GB per day bandwidth cap or 3GB per month which ever comes first. To those who has no idea about the topic, when you are surfing the web there’s is a transfer of data – download and upload. Data transfer is measured by how many bytes, kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB) has been running while surfing. Once you reach 1GB (that’s 1,000MB) your internet connection will be downgraded from 3G, HSPA+, LTE to 2G speeds and that’s sloooowww.


On a day to day mobile internet use, it is really seldom to reach 1GB of data transfers if you’re like just checking Facebook, Twitter, Viber chatting, uploading pictures on Instagram or just watching You Tube videos. When you start downloading games especially those graphic intense ones and torrents, I’m pretty sure your internet will be downgraded in no time.

Now, it seems many subscribers hate Globe right now (including myself). The telco released an infograph about their FUP but rants and disappointments continue to pour. People are now setting their eyes on Globe’s chief rival Smart. We all know how vast Smart LTE’s network and how incredibly fast it is. Just so you know, Smart has their own Fair Use Policy which limits a subscriber to 1.5GB per day or 1.5GB per month which is ever comes first. But unlike Globe, Smart is more lenient when it comes to implementing its policy.

But wait there’s more! If Globe has exemptions to the FUP (P5 per 15 mins internet and BlackBerry Internet Service), Smart has more exemptions like VAS (value added services). If you are subscribed from Smart’s unli LTE for 1 day, 7 days and 30 days, you are exempted from the 1.5GB data cap! I am on Smart’s All In Plan 500 and currently subscribed to LTE 995 which has unli LTE for 30 days. Exempted ako! This makes Smart’s FUP better than Globe.

Check it out – Smart’s Fair Use Policy


According to tech blog Yugatech, Smart’s free and unlimited LTE is until March 31, 2014 for Unlidata subscribers. Beyond that date regular surfing rates will apply if you’re on LTE. You have to add LTE 995 to enjoy unli LTE on top of your plan.  My idol Abe Olandres, founder of Yugatech, is a loyal Globe subscriber and suddenly switched to Smart after Globe implemented the FUP. Related article – click here and here. I have both Smart and Globe postpaid subscriptions. Before the FUP, I use my Globe as my main line. I suddenly took my Globe SIM out of my Sony Xperia Z1 and inserted my Smart SIM and subscribed to LTE 995. So happy that I made a switch. 🙂