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FilipinoTechAddict Rants: My Take On Globe’s 1GB Per Day Bandwidth Cap


I have been a Globe subscriber for 10 years since 2004 (Wow! 2014 na nga pala). During Globe’s ups and downs, I never left the company and stayed a loyal subscriber. When Globe revamped its Fair Use Policy about two years ago limiting a subscriber’s data traffic to 800MB per day, I didn’t react because I found out Globe will be modernizing its network. As of November of 2013, Globe has already completed its network modernization program and also has expanded its LTE network.  So, I was shocked when I received this text message from them.


I thought, Globe’s network is ok. So apparently its not. I was reading Yugatech’s article – click here and I found out that only 3,000 subscribers exceed 1GB per day. Those 3,000 subscribers only account to 2% of Globe’s total subscriber base. To maintain the quality of speed of the remaining 98% of subscribers, they have to limit the use of the 2%. Its like limiting 2,000 buses along EDSA to make the other 500,000 vehicles to have smooth travel.

In some way they are the same but not all. A mobile network can be expanded to give more room to subscribers even those heavy users like us by installing more LTE/HSPA+ cellsites and increasing its capacity. EDSA is a different story. In order to ease the traffic the easiest way to lessen the traffic is to eliminate one its causes – BUSES. There are so many buses in EDSA and less than half of them have passengers. Another way is to add more lanes in EDSA but that will take a lot of work for many residential and commercial areas will be affected by it.

Going back to the topic, I am so glad that Smart has been lenient on their 1.5GB bandwidth cap. I subscribed to Smart’s Freedom Plan in 2012 and was upgraded to an All-in Plan recently. I find the Smart’s plan sulit considering the flexibundles are charged within your plan and not on top of it. I started subscribing to Smart’s unli LTE recently and got surprised on how vast Smart’s LTE coverage is. Imagine, I got Smart LTE signal on SM Megamall, Robinsons Gallieria, Trinoma, and on Resorts World. Globe has no LTE coverage on these areas.

When I receive the text message above, I quickly removed the Globe SIM into my Sony Xperia Z1 and inserted my Smart postpaid SIM and subscribed to unli LTE. I transferred my Globe into my second phone, but still has HSPA+. I use my Globe for internet in areas that Smart has slow connection like Glorietta, Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Street. My second phone is a Starmobile Diamond S2.

So I am currently disappointed with Globe. I’ll be using Smart for my internet need from now on.

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