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List of Notable Apps Now Available on Windows Phone


Are you sick being on Android because your phone hangs and lags a lot? Do you hate your iPhone because you have to charge it twice a day? Well, its about time to switch to Windows Phone! Just like my previous article – number of apps is one major consideration of a user who wants to switch mobile OS. Good news is that Windows Phone has all the most used apps on Android and iOS.

Here are the following apps available for Windows Phone users



Facebook for Windows Phone is no different from the app found on other platforms. All the bells and whistles are all here. A major overhaul of the app was released last June 2013 and series of updates were made till this December. Compared to the earlier versions, the app is faster, intuitive and has live tiles.



The Facebook app was not made by Facebook but Microsoft itself. In the case of Twitter, it is made by Twitter itself. As you can see on the picture above, it quite different from Android and iOS app but it has the same tabs like home, connect, discover and your profile. Twitter also supports live tiles.



This location-based social networking app has gone very popular this year. It lets you inform your friends about your exact location. Foursquare has been one of the very first app to be available at the Windows Phone store.



Ah yes, the most popular app today. It has more than 150 Million active users as of September 2013. ¬†Instagram is expected to grow more users as it has finally became available to Windows Phone last November 21, 2013. The app is still has its limits because it is still on beta mode. You cannot post videos yet there’s not Instagram direct yet. Update will come soon to Windows Phone. Instagram has a third party app client called “6tag”. It gives you full Instagram experience with all its functions found on the Instagram app on Android and iOS. It is your best alternative while waiting for significant updates.


Chat Apps

Chat apps have become so popular this year as it become the best alternative to SMS and FB messenger. These apps are available to Windows Phone – Tango, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, KakaoTalk, Skype and Line.


Photo Grid:

This photo editing app is very popular on Android and iOS. It lets you make a collage of photos and share it to your social networks. Unfortunately, you can’t be shared directly. Instead, save the photo collage you made on Photo Grid and from your Instagram app, you can unload it from your saved pictures folder.



MetroTube is a 3rd party client for You Tube. Windows Phone doesn’t have an official You Tube app and MetroTube is the closest thing to the original app. Unfortunately, the isn’t free. There is a free app alternative called “You Tube HD” by Idea Creator Corp. This app has a different interface and it takes time getting used to.



This is one of the most popular camera apps if you are using an Android smartphone with poor camera. Camera360 helps improve quality of pictures plus a lot of photo editing options. This app is now available on Windows Phone has well.