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Finally! Instagram is Now Available on Windows Phone!


You all know that how big fan I am of Windows 8. I even owned two Windows Phones already – Nokia Lumia 610 and Huawei Ascend W1. Though only low end devices, I never had a single moment of lag with them. The only reason why I switched back to Android and iOS is the lack of apps.


Good news is, more and more notable apps are coming to Windows Phone and the most important app is now available for download – Instagram. Yehey!!! This is the sign I’ve been waiting for! Too bad I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but I am currently working on buying a Nokia Lumia 625 for my other line. Instagram came to Windows Phone right after its nemesis, Vine, has also landed on the platform weeks ago.


Expect a good 2014 for Windows Phone. More notable apps from iOS and Android will be coming to the Microsoft’s mobile OS and more will be switching. 🙂

Are you using a Windows Phone 8 device? The, what are you waiting for?!? Download na! Its free!